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My second album artwork - "Love is hell"

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Like I said in the previous post, photography was only a hobby for me in 2010. I had a stable 9-5 job and photography was something that I did for the sake of my creative impulses. One day, I decided to take a day off to rest and stay at home doing what I like, and that is how this self-portrait came out.

I was testing the double exposure function on my digital camera and later I decided to play around with colors in Lightroom. I took off the saturation, leaving only the red tones and was really pleased with the result. Then I posted it on my flickr account and that was it.

Fast forward to 2014. One of my musician friends was working on a new music project and asked my husband for some photos to use as album artwork. My husband sent him some of his photos and some of mine. This self-portrait ended up being the chosen one.

The album is called “Love is hell” by the artist ^L_, released in 2014 by the German label ANTIME. If you’re into electronic music, I recommend that you check it out. It is available on Spotify and Deezer.

Curious fact: there is a song called “Let’s make love in Chernobyl” and I had no idea I was going to move to Ukraine in that same year. What a coincidence, right? In 2015, I got the chance to visit the exclusion zone and get close to the reactor 4 before it was covered by a massive tomb that will protect the world from radiation for 100 years. That doesn’t mean it is safe to make love there, just in case you’re wondering if this is possible. 😉


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