One more artwork – “Ballad of a boy”

Updated: Feb 6

Like I mentioned in the previous post, I traveled to Brazil two years ago and invited some friends to collaborate with me because I was working on my portfolio. My friend Jacqueline Lisboa, also a photographer, was my muse in this portrait session. I collaborated with her for her portfolio as well.

At first, I wanted to shoot an indoor session at her house. In the end, we decided to make the photos in a garden. She took some props that we could use to make the photos more interesting and her car was also used as a “location”. It was exactly the photo in the car which became an art cover for That Gum U Like single “Ballad of a boy”, released in 2019.

The duo was working on this song about their beloved dog who had passed away. When they saw Jackie’s portrait on my Instagram account, they thought it would be the perfect match for their single because there is a melancholic mood in both.

Another portrait from this session was used on Jacqueline's website on her about page. I was more than happy with this photoshoot and how these photos turned out to be useful not only for my portfolio but also for my friend’s projects. It gives me motivation to keep working with photography.

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