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[Analog] My first album artwork - "Amor e Terror"

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

The first post is always a challenge, especially when you’re not writing in your native language. But I need to start from somewhere, right? So, I decided to start with a photoshoot that combines two of my passions: music and film photography.

Back in 2010, photography was only a hobby for me and a profession for my husband. Our friends played in a band and they asked him for some photos to promote their album. My husband made the photos and I shot the making of with my Diana Mini.

It was the beginning of the Lomography fever and I had lots of fun doing experiments with it. Shooting on film means you never know for sure what it’s going to come out. And that’s what makes it exciting! I get butterflies in my stomach every time a film is developed. And there’s always some surprise.

I had total freedom to do whatever I wanted (which I highly appreciate). Since I was shooting with a black and white film, I played a lot with light and shadows to make the images interesting. The band loved one of the photos and it ended up being my first photo used as artwork for an album.

The band was called Club Silêncio and the album, released in 2011, was titled “Amor e Terror” (Love and Terror). If you’re familiar with David Lynch movies, you got the reference. If you’re not familiar, the band’s name came from the movie “Mulholland Drive”. The band no longer exists (No hay banda!) and yet you can see the photos. If you are curious about their sound, check out the music video for the song "Valis".

I love to know the stories behind the photos, and I thought it would be interesting to share the one behind this photoshoot. I shot the photos just for fun and it was a nice surprise when the band decided to use one of them as back cover for their album. Later, the same photo was part of an exhibition in my hometown, organized by a photo collective I was part of.

It took me a long time to take photography seriously and now I finally have a website to showcase my work. Each photo tells a story and this journal will be all about it. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.


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