Workshop with Satellite June

Updated: Feb 8

Last year, I had the pleasure to join a workshop with an inspiring Dutch photographer called Nikki van de Poel, also known as @satellitejune. The workshop took place at her cozy home and I invited my friend Paula to be part of this experience with me. We spent a lovely morning together learning all about Nikki’s creative process and how she creates a dreamy mood on her images.

I’ve been following her account on Instagram for quite some time and I hadn’t noticed she lives in The Netherlands until I moved here. As soon as she announced that she was preparing a workshop, I got interested because I love to learn from photographers that I admire, and I always get very inspired after these experiences.

Nikki only shoots with film and makes great use of natural light. That’s what caught my attention when I found out about her work. As I mentioned before, analog photography is my passion and my editing style is highly inspired by film aesthetics. I also love the slow process of analog photography.

It was the first time I joined a workshop abroad and Nikki was super kind speaking English and answering all our questions. She shared a little bit about her inspirations from movies and photobooks by photographers like Francesca Woodman and Win Wenders. She also prepared a delicious vegetarian lunch, making the experience even more pleasant.

After the workshop, I decided it was time to start a personal project on film. A bunch of rolls have been sitting in my fridge for years and they are probably all expired. It has been an interesting journey shooting with film again and I will share more about it soon. Stay tuned!

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