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Newborn lifestyle session - Alina

Updated: May 29, 2023

A few weeks after the maternity session, Janina gave birth to a healthy and beautiful little girl. Dave got in touch and told me they wanted me to make Alina’s newborn photos and I was super excited to meet her.

Since I already knew the couple and their home, it was a super easy and pleasant photoshoot. I usually make the photos on the bed and next to a window to get the best light. But I can also photograph in the nursery if everything is prepared. It was not the case for this session because Alina was sleeping in their bedroom and the nursery was not ready yet.

Alina was a super chill baby of 3 weeks old when I shot her photos. She even surprised us with a lovely smile. I’m glad I was prepared to capture this moment that happened so quickly. This was the so-called decisive moment that makes photography so fascinating!

Janina wanted me to shoot some photos using this handmade blanket that was a gift from the lady who worked for them. I loved the idea and I think it brought some texture and a cozy mood to the images.

The best time for a newborn lifestyle session is from 10 days after birth. By then, the baby will still be sleepy enough to allow for a smoother session and the family members have time to get used to the new routine. During the consultation meeting before the session, I talk about all these details and we get to decide the time of day that better suits you and your family.

I love shooting newborn lifestyle photos because the images are as calm and soft as a comforting blanket. And everybody agrees that babies are the cutest things in the world, right? I try my best to make our time together feel as calm and enjoyable as possible. Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to have me as your family lifestyle photographer.


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